How was the idea?

Since 2005 Nenad Kushljikj (now the owner of SA Premium), along with four friends Goran Nichevski, Kristijan Mihajlovski, Mario Tavikj and Denis Kondzeli, enthusiasts of “small street football” (6 a side), dreamet of how to create own football team and later on one Sport Association. In November 2015 was created “Sport Association Premium Production -  Skopje” now recognised by the name SA Premium. After the official approving by authorities of Skopje - Macedonia the SA Premium team started to play small street football tournaments around the country with only the one goal, to promote our team and our name.

Why SA Premium?

S A mean Sport Association & Premium mean quality, because the all our board members stands for the quality of conditions for the all our players. Our philosophy is always to do something good for free. Giving a good opportunity to all ages people to play football for free. We don’t charge any money from our players, because we are always looking for some sponsorship.

Nationalities of Players

We are open minded regarding the nationalities of players. We had and still have players from different countries such as; Macedonia, Germany, Serbia, Greece, Turkey, Poland, Romania, Malta, Uzbekistan, Bulgaria, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Albania, Monte Negro, Hungary, Italy, Croatia, Japon, Argentina, Egypt, Morocco etc...

Leagues participation

In Germany we participated in amateur 7 a side Kleinfeldliga Düsseldorf and we participated in 11 a side, 5 a side and 7 a side tournaments, 6 aside tournaments and Cageball 5 and 6 a side Tournaments around the Germany starting from 2021 till present.

In Malta we participated in amateur 5 a side L’Equipe Summer League and 5 a side Goalline League, 7 a side SFAL & ELITE leagues and 11 a side SWAN league from 2017 to 2021.

In Macedonia we participated in a 6 aside tournaments around the country and one seasons we played in amateur Hobby Liga Macedonia from 2005 to 2018.



SEE THE WAY - WE SEE is the key word to keep sport above all other things in the World. Coming from countries with controversial policies, we walk freely in the street and fight for good without any political guidelines especially in sports. This we are doing always as a Sports Association. Sport is sport and we must never allow it to become part of politics. But the best part is that we are not interested in how you are determined politically, religiously, etc... but your positive opinion about sports is important to us. If you are a good athlete, sportsman or football player and above all a good person, you will always be a part of S.A Premium.